Evan McHugh

Self-learning software developer through research and development with a high interest in technology.

Software Summary

Chat App
NodeJS/Express, Socket.IO, Mustache templating

This was created while learning NodeJS. It features real-time live chat with socket.io, chat room, names, and utilizing a user's location.

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Indecision App
React, SCSS, Webpack

This was created while learning React. A user can add or remove options. If they are undecided, a button will randomly decide.

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This is an old video game mod I did when I was younger in C with the JK2 source code based on the Quake III engine. The intent was to patch many highly exploited bugs.

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My Website
NextJS, Bootstrap, SCSS

That's this website! This website uses NextJS and bootstrap with the intent to showcase.

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Task Manager
NodeJS/Express, MongoDB/Mongoose, Authentication

The task manager app is an API-based project created while learning NodeJS. It includes middleware, user authentication, login tokens, database usage, user avatars, and more.

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Recipe Project
React/Redux, Node/Express, MongoDB/Mongoose, SCSS, Webpack, Authentication

This is the largest project I've done. It is a full-stack, user-based recipe website. There's too much to say to fit it on a card, so go ahead and click that 'Learn more' link.

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Weather App
NodeJS/Express, Handlebars templating

This is a small app that utilizes an external weather API to display weather information based on a search. It's uses Handlebars templating to serve pages from the server.

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Next adventures?

  • Build a React Native app utilizing TypeScript and SQL.
  • Learn the proper ways of accessibility for a website.
  • Start a new chapter by diving deep into ASP.NET and C#.

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